Starting Again

Hey everyone!

I’m Girl Surviving the World. Welcome to my second anonymous blog. I had previously started a blog named Girl Surviving the World which you can find here. But I found the blog wasn’t moving in the right direction for me so I am starting again.

This blog is anonymous as I find it easier to write and post stuff on the internet when people don’t really know who I am. This could change over time of course. What you can know about me is that I’m 15 years old, from New Zealand and live in a very small town (information which will be talked about frequently I’m sure). I love reading and watching films (Harry Potter is my favourite!!). I also love to bake (not very well though), watching YouTube and listening to a random assortment of music!! 

There are numerous reasons why I decided to start this blog:

  1. I didn’t like the content I was producing on my old blog so I wanted to have a fresh start with a new blank canvas
  2. It is one of my New Year’s Resolutions (which you will find out more about later on) to keep up a blog for an entire year.
  3. I was inspired by Zoe Sugg’s book Girl Online (you should read it if you haven’t already)
  4. I want to improve my writing skills and the only way to do that is to start writing regularly
  5. My last main reason is that I wanted to share my opinions/thoughts with the world or with whoever decides to read this blog.

So that is all for now. I’ll be back with a new post on my New Year’s Resolutions soon.

Thanks for joining this adventure with me, as cheesy as it sounds I’m really grateful to all who read this blog and I hope you enjoy it.

Today’s thought of the post:

  1. To explain what Today’s thought of the post is (or TTOP for short). TTOP is something I will be putting at the end of every post which could be a quote or just one of my thoughts on the post. Really it’s just my last random comment on what I have just talked about.
  2. I believe this post is best read while listening to Start of Something New from High School musical as it is a fitting song and who doesn’t love HSM? 🙂


Later Gators xx

Girl Surviving the World: alive and planning new posts


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