Chick Flicks

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about my favourite film genre of all time, Chick Flicks which are more commonly known as the romance/romantic comedy genre of films. I have always loved this genre of films due to the fact that they are hilarious and very relatable. So here are my favourite Chick Flicks (I would say of all time but I haven’t seen every Chick Flick film on the planet though I am going to try). These are in no particular order as I couldn’t order them if I wanted to because I love them all the same.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

The first time I watched this film was in English when I was in Year 10. We were studying The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, the play that this film was based off. Even though I couldn’t thoroughly enjoy the film with all of my classmates around me (as they were more likely to laugh at my reactions than the actual film) I really enjoyed this modern take on a Shakespeare classic. It also helped that Heath Ledger was in the film and the main character, Kat Stratford was a strong female character.

  • Bridget Jones’s Diary

I decided to watch these films one day when I was at home sick, rather than finishing my connections for English. I watched the first two as the third one (Bridget Jones’s Baby) had not come out yet. I loved these two films and they made me feel better instantly. They were both very relatable as Bridget was a rather large mess but she still managed to carry on with her life. She really is a true inspiration in these films. You will also enjoy it if you love Hugh Grant and Collin Firth as much as I do (which is an awful lot).

  • Clueless

I can’t remember the first time I saw Clueless but I loved it. The main character Cher is absolutely amazing, she is confident, knows what she wants and has an impeccable fashion sense (for the time). The film follows Cher through High School, surviving the ups and downs of being a teenager, from friends and her love life to school and the very important teenage social life. It really is a funny film about surviving High School and everything it throws at you.

  • Dirty Dancing

I love everything about Dirty Dancing, from the characters to the soundtrack to the dancing. This film has always made me want to learn how to dance, though I still haven’t attempted to start learning how to dance yet ( I might give it a go this year). This film is set in America in the 60’s, which means great music and some interesting fashion choices. After watching this film all you will want is to go to a resort in the Summer and have the time of your life.

  • Legally Blonde

This film is about Elle Woods, who is dumped by her boyfriend and decides to go to law school to try and get him back by being the perfect girlfriend that he needs. This film is very funny and empowering as it is all about a girl that no one thought much of taking on law school and doing incredibly well. I always watch this for inspiration when things are going wrong and to help me believe in myself. This film makes you want to go out and take on the world and I always want to be a lawyer after watching it.

  • Love Actually

Love Actually, A.K.A the best Christmas film of all time, is one of my favourite Chick Flicks. It’s based on eight different couples figuring out love all before Christmas. All of the couples are interrelated with each other which just makes the story even more interesting. This film also has an amazing soundtrack and a very good cast (including Hugh Grant, Collin Firth, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Kiera Knightley and more). All in all, it’s just a fabulous English Christmas film that everyone needs to watch at least once.

  • Mean Girls

This film is a classic that I love. I really shouldn’t have to say what this film is about as I’m sure you have already watched, if not you must as it is a must see. I watched this film for the first time with my friend and we both loved it as it was funny, the fashion was great and the film was relatable. This film is one of the good Lindsey Lohan films with some great one-liners (you can’t forget about Glen Coco!), which makes this movie totally fetch!

  • Wild Child

One of my friends recommended this film to me after she sent me a photo of the main love interest telling me how attractive he was and she wasn’t wrong. I instantly loved this film and really want to watch it again (I might do that after I have finished writing). This film is about Poppy who is a rich American teenager who gets sent to a strict English, all girls boarding school as her Dad’s patience with her attitude has worn thin. This film is all about friendships and learning to make the most of what you have. I highly recommend this film if you haven’t seen it before as I love it.

  • The Princess Diaries

This was one of the first proper Chick Flicks I ever watched when I was about nine or ten. This film is about a girl named Mia who is considered rather boring and normal until she finds out that she is actually a princess. This film is very relatable as it is all about getting a teenage girl to become a proper princess. Which is difficult, to say the least.

So that is all of my favourite Chick Flicks! Comment down below your favourites or if you believe I have missed some that I must watch.

Today’s thought of the post is: “If you look for it I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that Love Actually is all around” this quote is one of my favourites from the film Love Actually, that Hugh Grant’s character says at the start.

Later Gators xx

Girl Surviving the World: alive and about to rewatch some amazing films pexels-photo-27008





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